Chef Problem Solver

I'm Denice Sakakeeny.

With 20+ years in corporate finance, I help founders and executives solve complex business problems. I prioritize people, processes, and technology to drive sustainable growth.

Since 2011, I've been an independent consultant and serve as an Interim or Fractional CFO for select clients.

Denice Sakakeeny
Chef Problem Solver

Strategic Partner

Driving Your Success

Operational Finance Optimization

Transform your company's financial operations into a streamlined powerhouse, improving efficiency and reducing costs through expert analysis and process improvement.

Strategic Financial Leadership

Chart a course for success with high-level financial guidance that aligns with your company’s vision, facilitating strategic decision-making and long-term growth.

Company Building and Growth Strategy Lay a strong foundation for your business and accelerate growth with strategic planning, resource allocation, and financial modeling designed for scalability.

Advanced Financial Analytics

Empower your business decisions with cutting-edge analytics, providing deep insights into performance metrics, trends, and opportunities for optimization.

Capital Structure and Fundraising Strategies Optimize your capital structure and unlock strategic advice on equity, debt, and alternative financing solutions.

Financial Systems and Technology Integration

Leverage technologies to automate processes, reduce processing costs, improve accuracy, and gain real-time insights into your business finances.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Navigate the complexities of M&A with expert advisory services, ensuring seamless transactions that align with your strategic business objectives.

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Client Testimonials

Kudus, Denice

A few kind words from my clients

Denice is a CFO who leads with truth and builds relationships that can tolerate that truth when it arrives.

J. David Group


She holds herself and others to the highest of standards while guiding organizations through a variety of strategic corporate goals and initiatives. Denice is truly a one-of-a-kind leader and executive.

Infinium Metals

Business Operations Manager

Working with Denice has been a transformational experience. She has a remarkable ability to connect with people at all levels of an organization.

American Chemical Society

Director, Digital Transformation Office

Denice is a high-energy executive that gets the job done.



I would highly recommend her for any US or International role as she has a wealth of experience with small and large organisations and is a pleasure to work with.



Denice is one of the finest business strategists out there. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly, and as a CEO, her input is game-changing.



With Denice, you are in good hands.



Denice is a consummate professional in her much needed specialty. She consistently demonstrates the rare talent to crystalize and maintain the vision for her clients, coupled with exceptional business acumen to connect the pieces together to achieve their objectives.



Denice is an outstanding executive; she brings clarity, focus and purpose to any company she's engaged with.



I saw in action Denice as a CFO- she is brilliant. She combines the depth of her financial skills with her solid operational background creating extraordinary results. Denice is a strong leader and a great motivator for her team. No one understands the SAAS model of business better than Denice.

Dashboard Enterprises


Denice brings a wealth of experiences leading finance across multiple stages of a company's growth. She deeply understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs and knows how to set them up for success.

Breakthrough Energy Fellows


Denice is a transformational CFO and leader who has the unique ability to proactively identify business issues and be a trusted advisor who helps drive business profitability.

Night Shift Brewing


She was an effective executive & tenacious CFO. She led by example and nurtured her teams along the way. I’ve not known anyone to kill it every day like Denice did.


People Champion