Math-Phobic SaaS Founder? Don’t Panic.

Are you a software-as-a-service founder with an aversion to math? Don’t panic.

Many founders describe themselves as big-picture people. Visionaries. Innovators. Disruptors. There’s a kind of aversion in the exciting, early stage of a business to words like process, measurement, and optimization. Many founders see these as limitations to their innovation. I often work with founders who are admittedly math-phobic. The truth is, for a founder to successfully raise VC financing, they need to be as well versed in metrics as they are in product development, innovation, and all the rest that comes with entrepreneurship.

In my post on Subscription Insider, I detail 4 metrics every math-phobic SaaS founder can measure starting today.

The beauty about SaaS metrics is that the majority of investors look for the same key things. You don’t need to be a special snowflake. Just be a better snowflake.