52 clients, 7 countries, 25 cities, 1 dairy farm, 1 craft brewery

On the surface, I am an outsourced finance executive. I focus on cash, processes, people, and the technology that hold them all together. 

What I really do is anticipate and solve problems. I deliver hands-on support through the various cycles of dynamic and challenging circumstances unique to privately-held, founder-led companies. 

I'm on the front line of company-building. Regardless of location, size, or industry, I wield my corporate finance tools of the trade—and a knack for cutting to the chase—to resolve organizational challenges and realize strategic goals. 

Denice collaborates exceptionally well and incorporates her broad understanding of business and financial drivers to deliver meaningful analysis, recommendations, strategy, and leadership to complex and dynamic organizations.
— Christopher Towers, FP&A Director

Training and Keynotes

I share my expertise to audiences from the stage or online. As an expert in how CFOs think, and why they do what they do, sales and marketing teams get a lot of value hearing communication and operations insights straight from the horse’s mouth. Sample speaking gigs include:

Denice can explain corporate finance to non-finance types in an exceptional way. She engages her audience to help them absorb “aha moments” on topics that could otherwise be dry or boring.
— Kathleen Greenler Sexton, CEO, Subscription Insider


To offer a sense of the kind of work I've done and continue to pursue, below is a list of recent accomplishments and achievements. You'll find evidence of successful turnarounds, sales, international expansions, operational overhauls, and more adventures in corporate finance as you dig deeper into my background. 

If you have a specific challenge in mind that you need to solve, contact me to learn about additional or more relevant expertise. 

  • Joined as Management Director of a clean tech start-up after investor takeover, in addition to serving as CFO.

  • Effectuated an asset sale of a distressed, recurring revenue start-up, as sell-side CFO, to a Public Co with a $67B market cap.

  • Participated in the sale of thriving European corporation, as sell-side CFO of its US subsidiary, to a Public Co with a $5B market cap.

  • Launched European digital advertising corporation into US, UK, and Mexico.

  • Stabilized cash flow and dove deep into the economics of cheese-making as CFO of a beloved farmstead cheese company.

  • Advised a European corporation expanding in the US on matters relating to strategic HR management—hiring and terminating employees, offering benefits, and promoting HQ's goals to idiosyncratic Americans (and vice versa).

  • Developed remote back-office capabilities for US subsidiary of a European software company, allowing the Parent Co to centralize accounting, cash management, payroll, and revenue recognition.

  • Created a stable back-office infrastructure, as interim CFO, to enable a popular craft brewery to onboard a prominent and permanent CFO with little drag on momentum.

  • Built a finance department to meet the information needs of a founder-led, digital content firm struggling with understanding the economics of their declining business.

  • Resolved conclusively, after much unveiling of facts, an issue of uncollected state sales and use tax on behalf of a very young subscription start-up.

  • Built out the economics of a struggling SaaS start-up which drove lasting change in its pricing and sales strategy. (Also, as CFO, became the Company's best sales person by closing the largest deal in company history a deal with a $12B Public Co.)

I would highly recommend Denice for any US or international role. She has a wealth of experience with small and large organisations and is a pleasure to work with.
— Meriel Rees-Pullman, CFO