In my latest article for Subscription Insider, I explain that building a company follows a certain pattern and curve, especially among subscription-based organizations.

I work with many SaaS companies to tackle common issues in finance, growth, and operations. What I’ve seen repeatedly among early-stage SaaS founders is a kind of reluctance to process, structure, or metrics.

Often, founders reject these in the spirit of maintaining what they think is “flexibility.” In reality, it’s a competitive disadvantage to ignore the facets of your business that enable growth, and especially attract funding. Process actually allows for flexibility in this world of high-volume transactions, low-ticket items.

Many early-stage SaaS companies fail to recognize this. They ask me why I suggest they run their company like Target. Process is important to particular types of businesses. If you’re selling diamond rings for $30,000 a piece, then one person, one counter, and one video camera will suffice. But if you’d like to build an organization that sends out 10,000 invoices a month and seeks to collect $5 from each person, you need to ensure you have process in place. You can’t afford to hire enough people to manage individual transactions, customer support, tech support, customer retention, AR, or billing.

All of these functions are just structures. And these are the structures that a SaaS company has to be concerned with if they’re selling high-volume, low-ticket items.

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