Experienced corporate finance know-how. On-demand.

We’re at the front line of company-building.

Through the lens of corporate finance, we anticipate, and solve, the unique challenges associated with privately-held or founder-led firms.  We specialize in carving a path through complex situations.  Our clients will tell you that we are not known to shy away from a good challenge.

Our clients see us an a natural extension of the their finance and executive teams.  At Denice Sakakeeny & Associates we support your CFO and existing finance team, we do not replace them.  We add specialized bench strength only where needed and when needed, to solve your biggest headaches and remove your biggest impediments.  Our engagements  may last several years or several months.  We know, however, that they are not forever.



We support the earliest success of your company, build lasting back-office infrastructure, and advise you on the most-important, early-stage decisions.


We carve a path through challenging times, sort through competing fiscal priorities, and help you move from where you are to where you want to be.


We solve problems you don’t have time to solve, and fix things you don’t have time to fix, and free you up to focus on what demands your attention the most.


What's on our mind.